10 Reasons Why You Should Live in Fairhope

By: Beckham Partners Real Estate Team

In 1894, a group of 28 followers of the economist Henry George moved from Iowa to Mobile, then, they sailed across the bay, looking to establish a "fair hope" at life. They started by building an impressive pier, the first structure and a kind of town square for the city. Next, they built a small train leading up the bluffs overlooking the bay. They called it, "the people's railroad." They established the first single-tax colony and used their system to improve the quality of living for all that chose to be a part of their utopia. Today, the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation is still alive and well, and continues to support the city. The items in this list stem from their dreams, and today, you can join their dream by living in this beautiful city by the bay.

1. Unique Natural Beauty

When you visit Fairhope, you are struck with the beauty that it has everywhere you look. Whether it be from the rose gardens by the pier, or looking at the bay atop the bluffs, this city cares about making sure its residents and visitors are met with clean, beautiful sights. At sunset, many gather at the pier to watch the sunset as it moves slowly below the horizon. It is one of the few places where you can watch the sun set over the water, as it sits on the eastern shore of the bay.

2. Uniquely Beautiful History & Architecture.

With many different districts, you can choose between three main periods of when they were built. The first is historical homes built in its founding around the years 1890-1939. Next, Fairhope expanded towards the south with the fruit and nut district, with most of the homes there usually built in the 1940s. Further out from that you have the continuously growing suburbs of the city, where you can find a brand-new home. According the the last U.S. Census, the median value of housing sits at around $240,000. However, many homes along the bay reach much more than that. With a variety, you can find the price you want, where you want. Check out the listings for Fairhope!

3. Parks, Scenery and Natural Activities Galore

Come get your exercise or just enjoy the scenery with 22 different parks and recreation areas. There are parks to the north and south of the pier, as well as a few along the bluffs overlooking the bay. In these areas you can see Spanish Moss in the trees, or swim in the local beach. There is also a maintained sidewalk running from the bluffs above the pier all the way through Point Clear, creating a long exercise space for avid runners and bikers.

4. City Parks and Buildings - so much to do

Visit the James P. Nix center, the Library, welcome center, and museum of history. The Nix center is a senior center that has events for seniors in the area. Things like "Tea at Two," are frequent on their agendas, which has a guest speaker and local tea to drink. The library is a historic collection of books across all different genres and time periods. It is an impressive library, with quiet rooms and meeting halls. The welcome center offers visitors maps and information about the city, while also offering a cool place to rest while shopping downtown. The museum of history offers a detailed history of how the city was founded and how it got to where it is today. It also has a Smithsonian exhibit upstairs that is changed out periodically.

5. Foodies Delight - so many choices!

Eat at local Fairhope restaurants to get the best seafood on the coast. Places like Gambino’s Italian Grill, Panini Pete's, Sunset Pointe at Fly Creek Marina, Dragonfly foodbar, Master Joe's, The Bone and Barrel, and Mr Gene's Beans offer the best food experience in the area. Shrimp, Oysters, and various fish are on the menu here, cooked to perfection by chefs all over the city.

dining in fairhope

6. Phenomenal Arts and Music

Fairhope Schools have the highest test scores in the district. With thriving AP programs and advanced placement classes, fairhope high offers an education that prepares students for collegiate life. The Marietta Johnson School of Organic Education is a unique option for those looking for private school options. This school was founded in 1907 as a new, groundbreaking way to teach children according to their individual levels of ability.

7. It's Artsy

Come buy or observe artists housed in the downtown area. Everything from painting to pottery is on display for visitors and residents alike. The Eastern Shore Art Center is also located in the area, where one can take all sorts of classes to become a better your choice of craft. If you are musical, check out Fairhope Music, where you can buy all your next musical instrument and learn how to play it! With classes, you can finally learn how to play. Downtown Fairhope also hosts the Annual Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival, where one can walks the streets to see art, hear music, and eat delicious food from nearby restaurants. Also every first friday of the month, the city has an art walk, where you can check out the downtown area in full swing.

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8. Other Neat Facts

It has a key location. Located on the eastern shore has its benefits. Being only 30 minutes from Mobile allows people to easily take a trip to explore the historic city. Whether it be to see the USS Alabama or to see the original Mardi Gras, it is only a short trip away. Likewise, going to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach is a short hour away. When you are done for the day you can return to Fairhope and be out of the traffic that is always looming around the beach.

9. Quickfacts

(Data comes from AreaVibes.com, and they do analysis from the U.S Census among other data sources)

  • The income per capita in Fairhope is 22% higher than the national average.
  • The median household income in Fairhope is 10% higher than the national average.
  • The unemployment rate in Fairhope is 44% lower than the national average.
  • The poverty level in Fairhope is 33% lower than the national average.

10. Peace and Quiet… and Java with a Good Book

It's a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a book. You can get quality coffee at the Coffee Loft, where the baristas put together unique creations. You can also go to Page & Palette to enjoy a good book, drink some coffee, and grab your favorite adult beverage. Yes, they have a coffee shop and a bar in the book store. On cool days, it isn't uncommon to see people reading books in the park. There is nothing more Fairhopian than this. Also, pitch a hammock on the bluff overlooking the pier.